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User Accounts Can Only Have One User with a Unique E-mail Address

In our system, each user is assumed to be a unique individual and will be given a unique User Account. Shared accounts for couples are not supported.
Our system use dynamic information provided by each user for certain interactive functions. All online forms will assume that the information submitted using that form should be linked to that unique User Account.

The unique-user-per-account assumption will cover every circumstance EXCEPT couples: more than one person in a household EACH doing business with us. We do NOT support shared User Accounts. Each member of a couple should set up their own unique User Account.

Each Unique User Only Needs One User Account

Every user only needs only one User Account. Couples still need one account per person (User Accounts and e-mail addresses can’t be shared), but each user only should have one User Account for all interactions with us.

Our technical platform uses a technology called “single sign on” wherein all portals and private facets can be accessed for one account by adding access privileges to multiple private facets to the one master User Account.

Terms and Conditions of Using Our Web Services

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