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For some people, a traffic ticket may seem to be more of a nuisance than a pressing legal issue; while for others, the ramifications of doing nothing or just paying the fine and getting a conviction are quite apparent. Warrants, fines, increased automobile insurance rates and driver license suspensions are just a few of the very serious consequences of ignoring or just paying a ticket. These types of devastating results can almost always be avoided with qualified legal representation.

With over 29 years of legal experience, the attorneys and staff of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. have a well-earned reputation for integrity, honesty and client satisfaction. We represent people accused of all crimes, ranging from First Degree felonies to Class C misdemeanors (Traffic Tickets). We’re licensed to represent people accused of all types of traffic violations in every court in the State of Texas. Our practice is statewide. Although most of our cases are in the North Texas area, a significant portion of our practice extends throughout the State to courts hundreds of miles from our office.

Our experience and knowledge of the law puts us in the advantageous position to achieve our goal with your case; Dismissal! We’ve handled over a hundred thousand traffic citations; the vast majority of which resulted in dismissals with no adverse effect to our clients’ driving records.

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, you must act quickly to avoid a warrant for your arrest. Even if a warrant has been issued, we can immediately post a bond to lift the warrant and resolve your case without the harsh results of simply paying the ticket.

Put your mind at ease and let the professionals with Todd E. Tkach handle your ticket from beginning to end. Don’t wait! Call us now.

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Our Process


Immediately after you hire us.

Immediately after you hire us, if your citation is in warrant we, we will immediately post an attorney bond. Whether in warrant or not, we will then file a Notice of Representation with the Court, enter ... More


Appear at the pretrial hearing to meet with the prosecutor.

At this hearing, we will review the “complaint,” which is the legal instrument the State must file in order to begins a case against you. If we find any statutory deficiencies in the complaint, we will ... More


Present all legal and factual defenses to the prosecutor.

If there are no statutory deficiencies with the “complaint,” we will present any and all legal and factual defenses to the prosecutor. If there is a “legal,” defense, the charge could be dismissed ... More


Reset the case for another pretrial hearing.

If a favorable plea agreement cannot be reached, we will reset the case for another pretrial hearing and promptly notify you of the unfavorable offer from the prosecutor and all options that you ... More


If you accept the offer from the prosecutor.

If you choose to accept the offer from the prosecutor, we will change your plea to either guilty or no contest, depending on the offer, and will get as much time as possible to make any fine payment that may be due ... More


Possiblly appeal the case

If you don’t want to accept the offer and don’t want to take the case to trial, another possible option is to appeal the case to the County Court. However, this option is only available from a Justice of the Peace Court or ... More


For Tickets Not In Warrant

If the police gave you a traffic ticket, you must take action quickly. You have only a few days to either pay your ticket or request a court date. Simply paying your ticket isn't the best idea because you will pay the highest fine and it will result in a conviction on your driving record. Insurance rate increase and State of Texas surcharges are also possible. It is much better to fight your ticket to get a better outcome: and outright dismissal or a reduced fine and possibly a deferred disposition that will keep the ticket off your driving record. We will represent you through the entire process.

Let us defend you for your traffic ticket.



For Tickets In Warrant

If you fail to pay your ticket or set if for a court hearing, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. In that event, you cannot resolve that traffic ticket with the court unless and until you do one of the following two things: 1) pay the maximum fine amount for the ticket and it resulting in a conviction on your driving record; or 2) post a cash bond in an amount equal to the maximum fine amount plus court costs (easily several hundred dollars) which the court will hold until your case is resolved which can be months! Neither of those options is advisable.

Instead, we can lift your warrants and keep you out of jail.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Traffic Ticket Practice

  • How many points will I get for a traffic ticket?

    In Texas, you only receive points for convictions of “moving” offenses. No points are assessed for convictions of “non-moving offenses.” Moving offenses are defined as “an act committed in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle on a public street or highway, which constitutes a hazard to traffic and is prohibited by state law or city ordinance.” However, not all “moving” offenses are assessed points. A chart published in the Texas Administrative Code detailing the list of “moving” offenses that are assessed points is set forth here.

  • Does a non-moving violation affect my driving record?

    Generally, non-moving violations will not affect your driving record and will not accumulate any points. However, some “non-moving” violations can cause other serious problems. For example, convictions for driving without liability insurance and driving while license invalid cost an immediate surcharge of $750.00 paid over a three (3) year period. Additionally multiple convictions of these violations can cause a driver license suspension.

  • What violations can cause a license suspension?

    Normally, for the Texas DPS to suspend your driver license for traffic violations, you must be convicted of multiple violations. A driver license is subject to suspension with four (4) traffic violations within a twelve (12) month period. Additionally, driver licenses can be suspended for convictions of more serious crimes such as Driving While Intoxicated.

  • How long does a conviction stay on my record?

    To be blunt, convictions stay on your record forever. But, convictions only affect your record for three (3) years. What is the difference, you may ask? Well, your driving record contains all information about your driver license and its’ history, including when it was obtained, the type, all reported traffic convictions, suspensions, etc. But, for purposes of assessing surcharges or pursuing suspensions, the Texas Department of Public Safety only considers convictions for three (3) years.

  • What if the Texas DPS tries to suspend my license?

    If the Texas Department of Public Safety pursues a suspension of your driver license, they are required to notify you, by mail, that they will suspend your license, unless you request a hearing. You will have twenty (20) days from the date of the letter to request a hearing. Failure to timely request a hearing will result in a suspension of your driver license. If you timely request a hearing, you will be notified of the date, time and place for the hearing. This is a complicated issue and you should contact us immediately if you receive a suspension notice from the Texas DPS.

  • If suspended, can I get a “temporary” license?

    Yes. If your driver license is suspended, Texas law provides a procedure for you to obtain an Occupational license. The original purpose was to allow you to drive to work and back; hence the name “Occupational Driver License.” However, it has been expanded to simply allow you to drive during certain hours of the day and in certain counties, depending on your occupational and domestic needs.

  • Do I have to make a personal appearance in court?

    If you hire us, in most cases and in most courts, we can resolve your case and you do not have to personally go to court. However, CDL violations can be a bit complicated. Occasionally, a personal appearance will be necessary depending on the violation, the court in which your case is pending, and whether your case has been appealed. If your personal appearance is required, we will let you know.

  • Is a citation valid if I refuse to sign it?

    Yes. The law does not require that you sign it.

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