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Have You Received a Traffic Citation!

Don't just pay your court fine. Instead, pay the law office of Todd E. Tkach a small fee to try to get your citation dismissed and protect your driving record!

If you simply pay the fine for your citation, you are pleading guilty. If it is a moving violation, that becomes a part of your driving record and could raise your insurance premiums. In that event, you end up paying the full amount of your fine several times over the next few years.

Our goal is to have the charges against you dismissed. If we cannot get your citation dismissed, we will aggressively negotiate with the prosecutor to achieve the best possible result for you. A large percentage of our clients' citations are dismissed and will never appear on their driving records.

You only have a few days to either request a court appearance or pay your fine. If you do nothing, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Don't wait! Hire us now to take care of your citation.

Has a Warrant for Your Arrest Already Been Issued!

No problem. If you hire us, we'll post a surety bond to lift (remove) the warrant and have your case set for a hearing. Then, we'll fight to have your citation dismissed.