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If you have been accused of a crime, look no further than Todd E. Tkach, P.C for help. With over 29 years of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for integrity, trust, expertise, tenacity, and client satisfaction. Convictions of criminal offenses can have life-long and significant effects on every aspect of your life. Imprisonment, fines, community supervision, electronic monitoring, loss of employment, loss of future employment opportunities, loss of voting rights, loss of gun rights, and a permanent criminal record are just of few of the harsh possibilities of being accused of a crime. Our mission is to protect your constitutional and inalienable rights, to demonstrate that the State of Texas cannot prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt, and to pursue evidence necessary to prove your innocence.

After being arrested or accused of a crime, it’s difficult to figure out what to do and what course of action to take. All cases are different and each case requires a full investigation and individual legal analysis that can only be achieved with a firm understanding of the law and the experience to make the right decisions. Whether pursuing a plea agreement or trial by jury, an effective strategy must be developed. With so much at stake, criminal defense cases require sophisticated legal representation. Trust your case to someone with proven results; the attorneys and staff of Todd E. Tkach, P.C.

Our law practice includes representation for all types of criminal offenses, including charges ranging from First Degree felonies to Class C misdemeanors. We’re licensed to represent people accused of all types of criminal violations in any court in the State of Texas. We offer a free consultation and evaluation for all cases.

With any pending criminal charge, you must act quickly to avoid arrest or further detention and to protect your freedom and constitutional rights. Put your mind at ease and let the professionals with Todd E. Tkach, P.C. handle your case from beginning to end.

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Our Process


We will work to get you out of jail!

Immediately after you hire us, if you are in jail or there is a warrant for your arrest, we will immediately work to get you out of jail or get a bond set so that you can either post a bond to be released or to prevent ... More


We will meet with the prosecutor.

We will do any necessary investigation and will appear at the first court setting to meet with the prosecutor. At this meeting, we will obtain all of the evidence the State has against you, as well as ... More


Development a strategy for a plea agreement or jury trial.

Development of a strategy is next, including things that can be done to negotiate for a favorable plea agreement or to prepare for a jury trial. This may include legal and factual defenses to present to ... More


Reset the case for another announcement setting.

If a favorable plea agreement cannot be reached, we will reset the case for another announcement setting and promptly notify you of the unfavorable offer from the prosecutor and all options that you ... More


If you choose to accept the offer from the prosecutor.

If you choose to accept the offer from the prosecutor, we will schedule a date for your change of plea to either guilty or no contest, depending on the offer.


You can request a trial.

If you do not want to accept the offer from the prosecutor, you can request a trial. The only option you have at this point is to have a jury trial or a bench trial. The only difference is who will be ... More


Guilty vs. Not Guilty

The first major part of any trial of a criminal charge is commonly referred to as the Guilt/Innocence phase. The name suggests that a jury will determine whether the accused person is guilty or innocent. Although that’s a bit of a misnomer. A jury actually decides whether the accused is guilty or not guilty. There is no finding of “innocence.” This makes sense, since it is the burden of the State of Texas to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the State fails to meet its’ burden to prove guilt, the Defendant is found “not guilty,” as opposed to “innocent.” Therein lies part of a criminal defense strategy. You don’t have to prove innocence; but rather, the State must prove guilt. Let us defend you by demonstrating that you are not guilty. Trust your case to the attorneys with Todd E. Tkach, P.C.




The second part of any trial of a criminal charge is the determination of punishment. Each classification of felonies and misdemeanors has its’ own range of punishment for juries to consider. Presentation of evidence and arguments from the attorneys regarding punishment begins after the Guilt/Innocence phase is completed. The jury’s decision on punishment must fall within the guidelines for the class or degree of criminal offense charged. Depending on the range, a punishment could include anything from probation, fines, restitution and/or time in jail. 


Frequently Asked Questions about our Criminal Defense Practice

  • How long will the criminal charge stay on my record?

    All criminal charges remain on your record, unless and until you take action to have it removed. But, not all criminal charges can be removed. The 2 methods to remove a criminal charge are Expunction and Nondisclosure. Whether you can have a criminal charge removed from your record and the method of removal depends on how the case is resolved. See our full discussion of Expunction and Nondisclosure here.

  • If there is an outstanding warrant, do I have to go to jail?

    Not necessarily. If a bond has been set, you can post a bond or have a bondsman do the same. Once a bond is posted, the warrant for your arrest is lifted (removed). Additionally, depending on the charge and criminal history, we may be able to obtain a personal recognizance bond. Again, that lifts the warrant for your arrest.

  • If there is an outstanding warrant, do I go to jail?

    Not necessarily. If a bond has been set, you can post a bond or have a bondsman do the same. The affect is that the warrant is lifted. Additionally, depending on the charge and criminal history, we may be able to obtain a personal recognizance bond. Again, that lifts the warrant for your arrest.

  • Do I have to go to court?

    Most likely. Some counties require all Defendants to be present at all court settings, while others only require a Defendant’s appearance for a plea or for trial. Unless your case is dismissed on technical grounds, you will most likely have to appear in court at least once.

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