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An Essential Need:
Keeping You Driving Legally

For almost all of us, our driving privileges are an essential need. We must drive to get to work, go to school-related activities, or perform essential household duties.

However, bad things can happen to good people and certain legal situations can cause the State of Texas to suspend or revoke your driving privileges. What happens then?

Don't Just Continue To Drive!

Driving without a valid driver license can potentially get you into a deeper legal hole! The penalties for driving without a valid driver license are quite severe. A first conviction for driving with a suspended license is a Class C misdemeanor (the equivalent of a traffic ticket) and carries a high fine. If you are stopped a second time for driving while license suspended, the State may file the charge as a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a range of punishment of up to 6 months in jail and/or a $2,000.00 fine.

Plan B: Keeping You Driving Legally!

The best approach is to aggressively defend any traffic citation or charges that might ultimately lead to you losing your driving privileges.  That also includes minimizing any expensive fines that you can't pay or overlook in the future. However, if you are proven guilty of charges that can lead to you losing your driving privileges, it is good to have a "Plan B."

The goal of the attorneys and staff of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. is to fight to keep you driving legally, if possible.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has the authority to issue driver licenses and to suspend or revoke the driving privileges of ANY person to drive in The State of Texas. However, revocations and suspensions are legal proceedings and you still have rights to due process before your driving privileges are removed. You have the right to fight any such action.

To successfully defend against these charges, it’s very important to understand the difference between a suspension and a revocation, the legal procedure of each, and the evidence required to prevail.

Then, if your driver license is suspended, you can possibly qualify for temporary driver license that would allow you to drive to meet your essential needs until such time as your full driving privileges can be restored.

Driver License Suspension Hearing

Have you received a notice letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety (Tx DPS) that your driver's license is going to be suspended or revoked? If so, we can help, but you must act fast. You only have 20 days from the notice letter in which to request a hearing to stop the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. Failure to timely request a hearing will result in a suspension or revocation of your driver's license.

No matter the reason for the requested suspension or revocation, the attorneys with the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach will develop a winning strategy, vigorously defend you and fight for your driving privileges in the State of Texas.

For details, see Driver License Suspension Hearings.

Occupational Driver License

Even if your driver's license is suspended, there are options to continue driving, legally! It’s called an Occupational Driver License, which allows you to continue to legally drive if you have an “essential need.” The time periods and places you can drive are restricted, but it gets you back on the road. Obtaining an Occupational Driver License is a separate legal proceeding, which can be tricky to obtain but, if successful, will allow you to drive legally in order to perform certain essential tasks allowed within the law.

For details, see Occupational Driver License.

Hire an Attorney!

Don't drive without a valid driver license, but don't simply give up your driving privileges either without a fight. If you are about to face a suspension or revocation, call the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. immediately for a free evaluation of your case.

Keeping You Driving Legally