Traffic Tickets Details

Texas Point System and Surcharges

In 2003, the Texas Legislature passed the Driver Responsibility Program, which authorizes the Texas Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) to assess penalties for any individual based on types and frequencies of certain traffic violation convictions.  Specifically, DPS assesses “Surcharges,” which can be assessed in two ways, including Point System and Conviction based.

The Texas Point System allows DPS to assess points for convictions of moving violations. “Moving” violations are defined as “an act committed in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle on a public street or highway, which constitutes a hazard to traffic and is prohibited by state law or city ordinance.” Not all “moving” violations are assessed points, but they may be considered for driver license suspensions under the habitual violator rule. For details, see Texas Driver Responsibility Program (DRP or "Points") detailing the list of “moving” violations that are assessed points is set forth.

After a moving violation conviction is added to a driving record, points are assessed and remain on the driving record for three (3) years from the date of conviction.  After three (3) years, the points are removed. Two (2) points are assessed for each moving traffic violation and three (3) points are assessed for each moving traffic violations that resulted in a crash. Additionally, there are some other specific three (3) point violations, including excessive speeding and violations of child safety regulations. Individuals who have six (6) or more points are assessed a $100.00 Surcharge, with an additional $25.00 Surcharge for each point over six (6).

Surcharges can also be assessed for convictions of specific offenses. Individuals who receive convictions for the following offenses are assessed an annual Surcharge for three (3) years from the date of conviction for the following amounts:

No Automobile Insurance
$   250.00/year
$   750.00 total
Driving While License Invalid 
$   250.00/year
$   750.00 total
No Driver License
$   100.00/year
$   300.00 total
Driving While Intoxicated (1st)
$3,000.00 total
Driving While Intoxicated (2+) 
$4,500.00 total
Driving While Intoxicated (BAC .16+)
$6,000.00 total

After a Surcharge is assessed, it must be timely paid. If not paid on time, DPS will immediately suspend your driver license.