Local Traffic Tickets

The High Stakes of “Just Paying” Traffic Citations

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There is more to getting a ticket than just getting a ticket. There is much more at stake than simply paying it too.

Fines, driver’s license suspensions, increased automobile insurance rates, and lost employment opportunities! Yep! Those can be some of the consequences of simply paying traffic citations.

For those of you who have received traffic citations at some time in the past, you know that the whole process is a giant pain in the neck. Not only do you receive a large fine, usually several hundred dollars, but the problem must be dealt with and finalized. Either you make arrangements to pay the citation or try to fight it. Neither option is desirable but the problem won’t just go away and will be much worse by paying the ticket.

Many people think that they are required to simply pay a traffic ticket; and they do just that. Unfortunately, simply paying traffic fines can make a bad situation much worse. Paying a fine is a plea of “Guilty” to a Class C misdemeanor, and results in a conviction of the charge. A conviction is very bad and can have significant and long-term consequences.

Don't Go-It-Alone, Get Help from an Attorney!

Before you simply pay a traffic citation, call attorney Todd E. Tkach. Find out your rights and options before simply paying a traffic citation and thereby incurring a criminal record. One phone call could save you hundreds of dollars and possibly avoid any criminal record. Don’t Go-It-Alone! Call now for your free consultation.

Convictions of Traffic Citations Are Added To Your Record

Having a “conviction” means that you now have a “record.” A public record is made of all convictions, including convictions for Class C misdemeanors. Contrary to popular belief, a conviction stays on your record FOREVER, and remains available for anyone to see at any time. It’s like a bad tattoo that you can never get rid of. Your automobile insurance company will undoubtedly pull your driving record before agreeing to insure you. Moreover, they continue to check your record with each renewal of your policy. Convictions will raise your insurance rates! Especially for younger drivers. Perhaps more important, your record is available for any prospective employer to view. These days, many employers do a criminal history search on all applicants. Too many convictions and you may not be considered for the job.  In fact, some employers won’t consider an applicant with only one conviction.

Seek Legal Advice and Representation!

The solution is: Don’t just pay a traffic ticket. It’s likely the worst thing you can do. Seek legal advice and hire a competent lawyer, who should be able to avoid a conviction. It could save you thousands of dollars and keep your record clean.