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Other Class C Misdemeanors

At the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, we handle all types of Class “C” misdemeanors, as well as all other criminal code violations, include Class “A” and “B” misdemeanors and all felonies.

All traffic citations are Class “C” misdemeanors. Included within Class “C” misdemeanors are all traffic, municipal code violations and other municipal violations. Unfortunately, some Class C misdemeanors can have significant and long-term effects. Listed below are some of the Class C misdemeanors that can have significant repercussions.

Theft / Shoplifting

A charge of "Theft" of an item with a value of less than $50.00 is a Class C misdemeanor. A charge of "Theft" is very serious and can have long term and far reaching consequences. Anyone who is convicted of a Class C misdemeanor of "Theft" may have difficulty getting or maintaining a job. Many employers do criminal background searches before hiring any applicant. If they see a conviction for theft, that applicant probably won't even be considered for the job. A Theft conviction could also make it very difficult to rent a house or apartment, apply for higher education, obtain credit, including credit cards and mortgages, or to obtain special licenses. In addition to these potential problems, the punishment for a theft conviction can be quite significant, including the payment of a fine that could be several hundred dollars, restitution, mandatory attendance in a Theft Class, and/or community service. Perhaps even more significant is the "Enhanced Punishment" that can result from the conviction of a second charge of Theft. If a person already has a conviction of a Class C Theft, and is charged again for Theft of something less than $50.00, the State can bring the charge as a Class B misdemeanor. All of the possible punishments are more severe with a Class B misdemeanor, including the possibility of serving time in jail.

A charge of theft is too serious to handle on your own. Don't risk a conviction! If you hire us, we'll fight to get the charge dismissed. If we can't get it dismissed, we'll negotiate with the prosecutor to try to prevent a conviction and keep it off your record

Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption and Driving Under the Influence

Excluding a few exceptions, any person under the age of twenty one (21) years of age who possesses any alcoholic beverage may be charged with "Minor in Possession" ("MIP"). Likewise, any person under the age of twenty one (21) who possesses any alcoholic beverage may be charged with "Minor in Consumption" ("MIC"). Additionally, any minor who operates a motor vehicle and has any detectable amount of alcohol in the minor's system may be charged with Driving Under the Influence" ("DUI"). MIP, MIC and DUI are all Class C misdemeanors, a conviction of which carries a punishment of: 1) payment of a fine not to exceed $500.00; 2) community service of between 8 and 12 hours; and 3) mandatory driver's license suspension for 30 days. With a second conviction, in addition to the other punishments, a minor will be required to perform between 20 and 40 hours of community service and will have his/her driver's license suspended for 60 days. With two prior convictions, in addition to the other punishments, a minor will be required to pay a fine of not less than $250.00 or more than $2,000.00, confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days (or both the fine and jail), and a driver's license suspension of 180 days. Moreover, a "prior conviction" includes any prior order of "deferred disposition,” which is not a conviction when the plea is entered. As you can see, a charge of MIP is quite serious.

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