CDL Violations in the
City of Flower Mound Municipal Court

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Flower Mound CDL Ticket Lawyer

You've Received a Citation in the City of Flower Mound.
Now What?

Protect your driving record and your bank account! Citations received in the Flower Mound jurisdiction are complicated and more often than not, people just like you simply pay the fine to make the hassle go away. Don't just pay up! When you do so, you’re literally pleading guilty and paying the maximum cost for your Flower Mound jurisdiction citation. Not only are you out cash, now you’ve got a conviction on your driving record which leads to even bigger problems in the long run (one being raised insurance premiums)! The better alternative is to pay the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. a small fee to let us fight for you.

The goal of every attorney at our law office is the dismissal of the charges against you. We’ll utilize our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field to achieve the best possible outcome in your favor. While a dismissal cannot always be reached, a very large percentage of our clients’ Flower Mound jurisdiction citations are dismissed. This means the citation will never even appear on their driving record and they’re not out any money due to their traffic violation!

Act now and give a qualified attorney at the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. a call. Don’t let your Flower Mound jurisdiction citation turn into a warrant!

A Warrant for Your Arrest Has Already Been Issued? Oh boy!

Breathe. It’s no problem for us. If you’ve been issued a warrant for your Flower Mound jurisdiction citation, you need to call us post haste. Hire us and we’ll post an attorney bond immediately, which will alleviate the risk of you being picked up and taken to jail. Then, we’ll set your case for a hearing. If you’ve got a warrant, you can be picked up at any time! Don’t risk it. Call now.