It's Time for a Serious Car Wreck Attorney!

The time period immediately following a car wreck is extremely confusing. Damage to your car, personal injuries, missed time from work, loss of income. These are just a few of the many concerns following a car wreck. To make matters worse, the person who created this horrible situation for you will not cooperate. Unfortunately, several decisions need to be made and you’re likely in no condition to make legal and financial decisions at this critical time. We can help! It's time for a serious car wreck attorney.

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Serious Car Wreck AttorneyIn most cases, the person who caused your car wreck and your injuries will have automobile insurance. The bad news is that insurance company adjusters are well trained on how to pay out as little possible and close personal injury claims quickly. Many times, insurance adjusters will make a quick monetary offer; usually within the first few days of the car wreck. There are two main reasons for this strategy. First, they are hoping to close off any claims for injuries or damages from your car wreck that are not fully known. The full extent of injuries and damages from a car wreck are rarely known within the first few days following the collision. Second, they are trying to keep you from talking to us. They know that after you talk with an experienced serious car wreck attorney, their strategy has failed and it’s time for them to change course. It’s a different ball game when you have an attorney on your side who can play the game better than them.

Importantly, no two car wrecks are the same. Each case is unique; requiring a thorough investigation to determine the facts necessary for a proper legal analysis and development of a winning strategy. Whether your car wreck case involves relatively simple facts or a complex fact pattern requiring expert accident reconstruction, our goal is the same: Full compensation for your injuries and damages! Your rights are at stake. You need legal representation from a skilled and experienced serious car wreck attorney.

For nearly 25 years, attorney Todd E. Tkach has helped hundreds of families recover from the costly and traumatic experience of serious personal injuries from car wrecks. We aggressively pursue the negligent person or entity that caused your injuries. Full compensation for your personal injuries and damages is essential to put you on the road to recovery. Each and every car wreck case we accept is fully investigated, researched, and is relentlessly pursued to achieve maximum compensation. At Todd E. Tkach, P.C., it’s always clients first.

If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, call us as soon as possible. Your rights are at stake! It's time to get a serious car wreck attorney on your side.

Serious Car Wreck Attorney

Investigation By a Serious Car Wreck Attorney Is Essential

The serious car wreck attorneys of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. approach all car wreck cases in the same manner. A thorough investigation of the facts of the case is essential and is the first order of business. The investigation is conducted with the resolution of last resort in mind; a jury trial. Even if the car wreck case doesn’t go to trial, it will settle, if at all, based on the facts that can be proved and demonstrated if the case were to go to trial. That investigation necessitates the involvement of an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced with the substantive and procedural laws and who can artfully present and demonstrate the facts and evidence at a trial by jury.

Liability and Damage Must be Proven in a car wreck

The investigation conducted for a car wreck includes an examination of the two main elements of a car wreck case; “liability” and “damages”. Liability is the first hurdle that must be overcome. What does “liability” mean? Essentially, it means; who’s at fault for the collision? In some cases, the question of who was at fault is very clear. But in others it must be investigated and demonstrated. The issue of liability is usually where automobile insurance companies attack first. After all, if they can show that the collision was not the fault of their insured, they will pay you nothing and you would lose if the car wreck case went to trial. A skilled advocatecan make all the difference. In some cases, the question of liability may be revealed with just a cursory investigation of the vehicles and the scene of the car wreck. In other cases, it may be necessary to hire expert car wreck reconstructionists. No matter what your car wreck case may require, rest assured, the attorneysof Todd E. Tkach, P.C. will take all measures necessary to establish the liability of the negligent driver.

Damages is the second main part of a car wreck case. Even when you clearly establish liability against a negligent driver, their insurance company will undoubtedly attack your sustained damages. They may argue that your injuries were pre-existing or that the collision could not possibly have caused your injuries. Many times, they’ll argue that your injuries are simply worth little or no compensation. This is where a skilled litigator can increase your compensation. On first thought, “damages” seem to be pretty clear. But, there are many types of damages recognized by Texas law that most people are probably not aware of. We will determine all possible types of damage and will put together the evidence to prove them.

Physical Injuries From a Car Wreck

The physical injuries suffered from a car wreck can be the most challenging from which to seek compensation. What is fair compensation for injuries? In years past, as a rule of thumb, some people used to use a multiplier of the amount of the medical bills as their measure of their damages. Those days are long gone! In this era of tort reform, there is no magic formula to determine the value of physical injuries from a car wreck. You need the knowledge and skill of a qualified serious car wreck attorney to maximize the recovery for your physical injuries. Some of the elements of damages that may be recovered for car wreck injuries include claims for both past and future medical bills, physical impairment, mental anguish, physical pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium, disfigurement, loss of body part, bystander claims and fear of future disease or disfigurement. Demonstrating these damages requires a painstaking development process, which the serious car wreck attorneys of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. have done hundreds of times. The process includes a thorough investigation, and complete and accurate record keeping, including medical records and bills, photographs, diaries, police reports, accident reconstruction analysis, investigative reports and testifying expert reports. The serious car wreck attorneys with Todd E. Tkach, P.C. have the education, knowledge, and experience to properly prepare a car wreck case and to present it to insurance adjusters or juries.

Vehicle Damages In a Car Wreck

It may sound strange, but the damage most likely to cause you the most frustration from a car wreck is the damage to your vehicle. We often hear about the frustration car wreck victims experience when trying to get their car repaired. After a collision, most people will be without their vehicle for days or even weeks. Whether the damage is repairable or the vehicle is “totaled,” it will take some time to repair the vehicle or purchase another vehicle. We depend greatly on our vehicles, and not having it for transportation is extremely frustrating and irritating. Making matters worse, you have to deal with the negligent driver’s insurance company, which is no hurry to pay you for anything. Let the Todd E. Tkach, P.C. carry you through the whole process.

We’ll help you get a rental car and will seek to have the negligent driver’s insurance company pay for it. Many times, insurance companies will not even offer a rental car, even though they are required by law to pay for it. Wecan also refer you to a qualified body shop for repairs. Most insurance companies will direct you to one of their “Blue Ribbon” repair facilities. Too often under those circumstances, we’ve heard the complaints that they didn’t repair everything, or that the work was poorly done. You may also have a claim for diminution in value. That’s the difference between what your vehicle was worth prior to the car wreck and what it’s worth after repairs from the car wreck. This is a vehicle damage that even some experienced attorneysfail to even ask for or inquire about. It’s a mistake that can cost thousands of dollars. To be sure, an insurance company will never bring up the vehicle damage of diminution in value and, of course, will make no offer for that damage. If your vehicle is “totaled,” we’ll fight for compensation for the full market value and won’t settle for the discounted market value offered by the insurance company. You need the help of an experienced car wreck attorney to maximize the recovery of your car wreck case.

Settlement or Trial

After your case if fully prepared, we’ll present it and demand a settlement from the negligent driver’s insurance company. If possible, we’ll try to reach a settlement through aggressive negotiations. In most cases, a settlement can be reached. However, if the negligent driver’s insurance company refuses to settle, we’ll take it to trial and present it to a jury. In that event, we will ask not only for all of the available elements of damage, but also pre-judgment interest, court costs and post-judgment interest until the full amount is paid.

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