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Duncanville Traffic Warrant

duncanville traffic warrantIf you have a Duncanville traffic warrant, we can help. We will post an attorney bond, which will remove the Duncanville traffic warrant for your arrest. We then set your case for a hearing in court. This is a far better solution than the alternative.

If you have a Duncanville traffic warrant, the police could arrest you and bring to you jail, which is certainly not a good scenario for anyone. The circumstances surrounding these types of cases can vary. Maybe you recently forgot to pay your ticket and the deadline to do so has passed. Perhaps you have an outstanding Duncanville traffic warrant from last year or even longer. It’s difficult to have an outstanding Duncanville traffic warrant weighing on your mind. The Law Office of Todd E. Tkach understands your concerns and can take action to solve your problems. Call us today for a free consultation.

When you get a traffic ticket, you have a limited amount of time to take care of it. You will either need to pay it, or you will need to set a date for a hearing in court. If you do not do either of these things, they will issue a Duncanville traffic warrant for your arrest.

If that happens, you will then need to pay the max amount for the fine, or you will have to post a cash bond, which will be the same as the max fine, and you will still have to pay court costs. If you are convicted, it will go on your driving record, which means even higher insurance payments in many cases. There is an alternative though. Contact Todd E. Tkach to post an attorney bond to lift your Duncanville traffic warrant and then go to court to try to get the traffic ticket dismissed.

Duncanville Traffic Warrant

Types of Duncanville Traffic Warrants

Generally, there are two types of Duncanville traffic warrants for municipal citations; Alias warrants and Capias warrants:

Alias Warrants

Alias warrants go into effect after you receive a traffic citation if before your appearance date, you fail to either: 1) pay your traffic citation; or 2) request a court hearing. After the warrant is issued, if you are stopped, for any reason, you are subject to arrest. Are you in this situation now? Do you have outstanding Alias warrants? Call attorney Todd E. Tkach now! We can post an attorney bond to lift the Duncanville traffic warrant for your arrest and set your case for hearing. At the hearing, we strive for a dismissal of the charge(s) against you. If a dismissal can’t be obtained, we’ll aggressively negotiate to obtain the best possible result for you.

Capias Warrants

Capias warrants are issued when you fail to comply with a plea agreement that you entered into regarding a previous citation. It may be that you agreed to pay a certain fine within a certain time and to not get any other traffic citations within a certain time period. Failure to comply with any part of that agreement will result in a Capias warrant being issued for your arrest. In this situation, it’s probably too late for us to be able to help. You must either pay the fine or remain subject to arrest at any time.

Duncanville Traffic Warrant Roundups

From time to time, anywhere from two (2) to four (4) times per year, most cities and municipalities in the Dallas and Ft. Worth metroplex conduct traffic warrant roundups. What is a traffic warrant roundup? This is when cities and jurisdictions devise and implement plans to actively pursue the arrest of anyone who has outstanding traffic warrants for traffic citations. However, some jurisdictions don’t bother with traffic warrant roundups, but rather have a year –round program to actively arrest anyone with outstanding traffic warrants from that jurisdiction. If you think this can’t happen to you, think again! Many times, we have posted attorney bonds to bail people out of jail who had outstanding Duncanville traffic warrants who were arrested during routine traffic stops, at work or at home. Law enforcement officers do not discriminate when it comes to outstanding Duncanville traffic warrants. They will show up at the homes and/or workplaces of anyone who has outstanding Duncanville traffic warrants, and arrest them. Don’t let this happen to you!