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Lewisville Traffic Ticket

lewisville traffic ticketGetting a Lewisville traffic ticket really stinks. Maybe you committed the charged offense, maybe you didn’t. Under either scenario, you have a problem that must be dealt with. And, dealing with the problem is going to cost time and money. But, a Lewisville traffic ticket doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Whether it is or isn’t depends on how you handle it.

Don’t do what many people do when they get a Lewisville traffic ticket, which is to simply pay it. Get a ticket and pay it! That's exactly what the police and court want you to do. But, that's a bad choice. The only worse choice would be to do nothing, which means a warrant for your arrest gets issued. You need to take action quickly, but don’t do the wrong thing. Getting a Lewisville traffic ticket and paying it seems like the right thing to do, but it's not. Not only are you most likely paying a high fine amount, but you are also exposing yourself to future, unknown costs. By paying any ticket, you are pleading guilty to the charge, which means that you are convicted of a Class C misdemeanor. That conviction stays on your permanent driving record forever. That Lewisville traffic ticket conviction will cause higher auto insurance rates, for several months or even years. Part of the problem is that once they raise your rates, it's up to you to try to get them reduced in the future. Who's going to remember to do that? The insurance company will never reduce your insurance rates, unless and until you ask them to do so. As time passes, you've likely paid several hundred dollars more in increased insurance premiums.

Why you need a Lewisville traffic ticket attorney

There are other additional financial problems with ticket convictions. The Texas Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) will give you "points" on your driving record for each conviction. Not good. Too many points and they assess "surcharges," which are payable by you each month. Fail to pay the surcharges and your driver's license gets suspended. There’s also the reporting on your permanent record, which can be accessed by anyone, including your employer, a prospective employer, a lending company, a prospective landlord and any governmental agency with which you might apply for a job. Handling a Lewisville traffic ticket the wrong way can be very costly.

Lastly, there’s the inconvenience of having to deal with a Lewisville traffic ticket. You have to spend your time and effort to go to court. You’ll have to figure out what to do and when to do it. Don’t just pay your ticket and don’t just do nothing at all. There’s a better alternative than just paying the ticket, which will save you time, effort and money. Call attorney, Todd E. Tkach. The attorneys at the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. represent people who have received traffic tickets in any jurisdiction throughout North Texas, including tickets. Our team of attorneys and staff have the experience and skills necessary to get a dismissal of your case, or in the alternative, to make sure that your driving record and money are protected. For a low, one time flat fee, we’ll file a plea of not guilty with the court, set your Lewisville traffic ticket for a court hearing, meet with the prosecutor to resolve your case, and promptly notify you of the result of the hearing. You don't even have to be there. Even if a warrant has been issued for your arrest, we can help. We’ll post an attorney bond to lift (remove) the warrant. Don’t wait! Call Todd E. Tkach now at 214-999-0595 to talk with one of our citation specialists, who can explain the Lewisville traffic ticket process and answer any and all questions you may have.

Lewisville Traffic Ticket

Why you should fight your Lewisville traffic ticket

Why is it important to fight your Lewisville traffic ticket? Simply paying your fine for a Lewisville traffic ticket means that you agree that you are “guilty” of the charge. Being convicted of, or found guilty of a traffic violation can have serious consequences. There are at least four (4) major reasons to fight a Lewisville traffic ticket.

First, fight your Lewisville traffic ticket to avoid paying a fine

If you are guilty, you must pay a monetary fine. Depending on the violation involved, the fine could be several hundred dollars. Hiring Todd E. Tkach to fight your Lewisville traffic ticket could result in a dismissal of the charges. In that event, you don’t have to pay any fine!!

Second, fight your Lewisville traffic ticket to avoid “points” on your driving record

The State of Texas has a “Point System” that affects your right to hold and maintain a Texas driver’s license. You are charged “Points” against your driving record if you are convicted of certain Lewisville traffic tickets. The number of “Points” charged varies depending on the type of violation you are given, but ranges from one (1) to six (6) points. A Texas driver gets 2 points for most traffic violation convictions (3 points if a crash is involved). “Points” remain on a driver’s record for 3 years. Accumulating points on your driving record can result in huge “surcharges” assessed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and a possible driver’s license suspension. Accumulating twenty-one (21) points in any three (3) year period will result in a suspension of your driver’s license. If that happens, you cannot legally drive an automobile in Texas. Let attorney Todd E. Tkach represent you on your Lewisville traffic tickets and protect your driver’s license.

Third, fight your Lewisville traffic ticket to avoid paying surcharges

Convictions of certain Lewisville traffic tickets can cost you “surcharges” imposed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. A yearly $100 surcharge is assessed for 6 Points on your driving record; with another $25 surcharge for each additional point. The surcharge continues to be assessed as long as the Points total 6 or more. Additionally, convictions for “no insurance” and “driving while license invalid” mandate a $750.00 surcharge each! Don’t risk being convicted of these Lewisville traffic tickets. Call Todd E. Tkach now! We’ll fight for a dismissal of these tickets and the surcharges that accompany them. If we can’t obtain an outright dismissal, we’ll fight to get a dismissal through plea negotiations and keep the charges off your driving record.

Fourth, fight your Lewisville traffic ticket to stop insurance rate increases

Convictions of Lewisville traffic tickets can raise your automobile insurance rates. Many automobile insurance companies check your driving record before agreeing to insure you or renew your automobile insurance. Having “convictions” for violations on your driving record can cost you a lot of money. Your automobile insurance company may increase your insurance rates when you apply for new insurance or for a renewal of your existing insurance. Avoid paying increased insurance rates! Call attorney Todd E. Tkach now to protect your driving record.

Lewisville traffic tickets are Class C misdemeanors

All Lewisville traffic tickets, code violations and other municipal tickets are “Class C” misdemeanors, according to the laws of the State of Texas. At the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, we handle all types of Class “C” misdemeanors, as well as all other criminal code violations. All Class C misdemeanors in the State of Texas, including tickets are adjudicated in Municipal Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts. Although these are the lowest level of criminal courts in the State, some Class C misdemeanors can have significant and long-term effects. For example, multiple convictions for disorderly conduct can be enhanced to Class B or Class A misdemeanors, which carry jail time in their range of punishment. A conviction for a charge of Class C assault/family violence can be enhanced and can prohibit you from owning or possessing a firearm. Don’t “go it alone.” The long-term effects can be devastating. Call Todd E. Tkach to fight your Class C misdemeanor and make sure your rights are protected.

Do I have to be in Court on the day of my Lewisville traffic ticket hearing?

In most cases, it is not necessary for you to be present on the day of your Lewisville traffic ticket hearing. Although it can help us get a dismissal and/or to negotiate a more favorable plea agreement, your presence is usually not necessary. If you can’t be in court on the day of your hearing either because of prior commitments, work, being out of the state, or you just don’t want to take the time, no problem! Attorney Todd E. Tkach can make the court appearance for you. Even if you’re not there, attorney Todd E. Tkach will fight to have your case dismissed outright! If we can’t get an outright dismissal, we’ll aggressively negotiate to get the Lewisville traffic ticket dismissed within a few months in the future to keep the citation off your driving record.

Not all municipal courts are the same

Each city, municipality and Justice of the Peace Court throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex has its’ own unique procedures and fine amounts for traffic tickets. The City of Lewisville is no exception. Knowing the procedures and guidelines for a Lewisville traffic ticket is crucial to achieving a favorable outcome. The attorneys at Todd E. Tkach, P.C. know the procedures, the substantive law, the prosecutors and the judges so that we can effectively evaluate your case to fight for a dismissal of the charges. Call us now at 214-999-0595 to receive your free consultation.