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Schulenburg Warrant Lifted Without Going To Jail

Schulenburg warrant liftedIf you get a traffic ticket in Schulenburg and do not resolve it with the court before your appearance date printed on the ticket (a few days from the date of the ticket) by either: 1) paying your traffic citation in full; or 2) requesting a court hearing, the ticket will automatically go into warrant status and a physical alias warrant for your arrest will be issued as soon as a judge gets around to signing it. At that time, you may be subject to arrest at any time unless you get the Schulenburg warrant lifted.

Obviously, the possibility of being arrested and taken to jail isn't pleasant so you very much want to get the warrant lifted before an officer knocks on your door or pulls you over while driving. However, if you get the knock at the door first and land in jail, you will still have to get all of your warrants lifted in order to get out of jail.

A ticket in warrant also gets real expensive real fast! Once your ticket is in warrant, you will be subject to additional fees such as collection fees and warrant fees. Plus, the fines for tickets that go into warrant automatically go to their maximum rates. Finally, a failure-to-appear charge will likely be added to the charges against you with its fines and fees. You are going to need the help of an attorney to not only get your Schulenburg warrants lifted, but to also eliminate or at least reduce any additional fines, fees and court costs.

But first, we need to keep you out of jail or get you out of jail if you have already been arrested.

Nobody should have to worry about a traffic ticket warrant. Even worse, nobody should land in jail because of an arrest warrant for an unpaid ticket. Please understand that you arrest CAN happen and recent improvements in the Schulenburg municipal court system make it more likely that it is going to happen unless you take action right away!

Schulenburg ticket dismissal, harder to get than it used to be

However, having a ticket go into warrant doesn't have to involve a lot of drama; it doesn't need to go this way! We can easily and quickly get your Schulenburg warrant lifted. It can happen very quickly and is not at all expensive. For one small flat-rate fee we can lift the warrant and resolve the underlying ticket with the best possible outcome, including the possibility of its outright dismissal!

We Can Get Your Schulenburg Warrant Lifted

If you have one or more open alias warrant for your arrest, for one small flat-rate fee, we will immediately post an attorney bond and have your warrants lifted so you are no longer in danger of being arrested. Then, we will then send a notice of representation to the court, enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf and set your traffic ticket case for a court pretrial hearing.

Schulenburg Warrant Lifted

The process is very easy and quick. All you have to do is sign a bond form for us to process and file with the court. You don’t even have to go to court, unless you want to. We’ll take care of everything and will promptly notify you of the court result. Just call us at 214-999-0595 to talk with one of our courteous staff members.

Even if your ticket is in an alias warrant, outright dismissal of the ticket or other favorable outcomes are not lost just because of the warrant and more-preferred outcomes are still available to you.

We will meet with your case's prosecutors in the pretrial process and try for an outright dismissal based on the facts of the case and the law. If we can't get a dismissal of the ticket, you will have two options:

  1. We can go to trial and try the case on its merits, or
  2. Seek a settlement of the case with reduced fines and fees and even attempt to get deferred adjudication to keep any conviction off your driving record so it doesn't increase you insurance rate or make you subject to expensive state surcharges.

In every event, your rights will be protected and we will seek on your behalf the most favorable outcome possible.

Until You Get Your Schulenburg Warrant Lifted, You Are Indeed Subject to Arrest

There are many urban legends about traffic ticket warrants and most of them are totally wrong and can land you in jail. Many think that overworked police officers have more important policing duties to perform and won't bother with warrants resulting from unpaid traffic tickets. This particular myth overlooks the special enforcement arm of the municipal courts.

Dangerous myths about ticket warrants that could land you in jail

Like many big cities, the City of Schulenburg has a separate law enforcement agency to serve warrants and make arrests on behalf of the municipal court. In Schulenburg, this agency is called the City Marshals Office and it is a sworn force separate from the Schulenburg Police Department. City Marshals are sworn peace officers with the powers of arrest. Officers from the City Marshals or the Schulenburg Police may arrest you for the open warrant at any time unless you get the Schulenburg warrant lifted. The City Marshals will likely be the ones who will seek you out at your home, place of work or even at your school to make the arrest. The Schulenburg Police will be the ones that pull you over while you are driving and arrest when they run your license through their computer check and discover the open warrant against you.

Also, any law enforcement agency in Texas may arrest you for any warrant issued by any court in Texas. Once a year, over 300 law enforcement agencies will band together for The Great Texas Warrant Roundup in a coordinated statewide effort to reduce the backlog of open arrest warrants for unpaid traffic tickets across the state.

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Even if you somehow avoid arrest, the State of Texas has a "scofflaw" statue that will place a hold on your drivers license renewal and your auto registration renewal unless you get your Schulenburg warrant lifted. A warrant isn't something you should ignore; deal with it properly through an experienced attorney so you don't have to worry or be out of pocket for a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Getting Yourself Arrested for a Ticket Warrant Is Expensive

Getting arrested on an outstanding warrant for an unpaid ticket is the most expensive and disruptive way to resolve your traffic ticket! First, you will have to bond yourself out of jail with a cash bond equivalent to the full amount owed. Second, you will face the highest amount of the fine, known as the "window rate." Thirdly, you will face additional fees for court costs and the collection expense of arresting you. Fourth, you may also face a new failure-to-appear charge along with its fines and fees. Fifth, if you were pulled over while driving and arrested, your car might be impounded and you might face towing and impound fees to get your car back. Sixth, you could also face significant State of Texas surcharges. Plus, you will loose more money from the resulting time away from work, plus the embarrassment of being arrested. This is the worst and most expensive of all possible outcomes.

Why you should have and attorney to get your Schulenburg warrant lifted

If you have one or more outstanding warrants for your arrest for unpaid traffic tickets, there are much more favorable outcomes possible that will cost much less and eliminate additional the hassle of an arrest.

Todd E. Tkach Can Lift Your Warrant

Let me suggest an alternative. Keep your cash and protect your driving record! For a nominal fee, hire attorney Todd E. Tkach, can get your Schulenburg warrant lifted by posting an attorney bond that will lift the warrant and go to court to fight for a dismissal of the traffic ticket.

Schulenburg Warrant Lifted

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Protect your driving record and save money

Not only is there a possibility of an outright dismissal, we can also reduce fines and protect your record from state surcharges and insurance rate increases.

When Time Matters

When you're sitting in jail for an unpaided traffic ticket, time really matters. When your traffic ticket is about to go into warrant within days or hours, time still matters. The day you get a traffic ticket, time should begin to matter. You have a limited amount of time to get your violation handled at the lowest cost and with the least amount of hassle. You need an experience traffic ticket attorney to get the best possible outcome. When time matters.

Don't try to go it alone!


Don't "just pay" your ticket or fight it alone!

Going either can cost you money and result in a conviction on your record. Get the help of an experience traffic ticket attorney.