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We can defend your CDL in a suspension action.

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Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?  Do you drive for a living?  If so, then you know how important it is to protect your CDL. Convictions and even plea agreements of some CDL traffic tickets can result in a suspension of your CDL. Without your CDL, you can’t drive for a living. With so much at risk, it’s extremely important to have a good CDL lawyer on your side.

CDL drivers are quite unique; not only for the qualifications required to obtain and hold a commercial driver’s license but also for the high standards to which they are held by traffic law enforcement.

Those who hold a CDL are well aware that their livelihoods depend on maintaining an active and valid Commercial Driver’s License. Receiving traffic violations can quickly put a CDL license holder in serious jeopardy of losing their job, either because the licensing authority suspends their CDL or their insurance company refuses to insure them.

You simply can't put your livelihood at risk with a traffic ticket. You must have an experienced CDL traffic ticket attorney on your side to provide a defense of any violations you receive!

We Can Represent You For Suspensions Too!

In the unfortunate event that you are convicted of traffic violations and your CDL is being suspended or disqualified, we can help! With convictions of some CDL violations or convictions or a combination of certain CDL violations within a specific time frame, the Texas Department of Public Safety (“TxDPS”) will seek a suspension or disqualification of your CDL by filing a Petition for Disqualification in one of the Justice of the Peace Courts in the county of your residence. We represent CDL drivers at Driver License Suspension Hearings statewide and have done so hundreds of times. In most cases, there are procedural or substantive defenses. Our success rate is stunningly high. But you must act fast. You only have 20 days from the date of the TxDPS notice letter to request a hearing. Failure to timely request a hearing will result in a suspension of your CDL.

CDL Violations Attorney

We Help CDL Drivers!

Due to their extensive training and licensing requirements, without a doubt, CDL holders are much more qualified to drive than Non-CDL holders. A Commercial Driver’s License allows you to drive the largest, heaviest, and longest vehicles ever made, and to transport everything from the most delicate items to the most dangerous and hazardous cargo. Unfortunately, with that heavy responsibility comes added scrutiny from law enforcement.

Federal and State laws forbid courts in Texas from offering CDL holders any plea agreement for traffic tickets that do not result in convictions. In other words, if you receive a citation, your options, according to Texas law, are to pay it, which is a conviction, or take it to trial. Although convictions of traffic tickets for Non-CDL holders can have significant consequences, for CDL holders it can be devastating. Not only are you subject to the usual punishments for ignoring traffic tickets or simply paying them, such as warrants, fines, and increased insurance rates, but you could also lose your job and/or get a suspension of your CDL. Texas laws regarding CDL drivers allow fewer plea options, increased ranges of punishment and mandatory driver license suspensions for certain violations. For example, it takes only 2 convictions of “serious violations,” as defined by the Texas Transportation Code, to get a suspension of your CDL. With some CDL violations, only 1 conviction can result in immediate termination of their employment and/or immediate suspension of their CDL. The time range of CDL suspensions includes 60 days, 120 days, 1 year, 3 years and lifetime suspensions. With so much at stake, qualified legal representation is essential for any CDL driver charged with a traffic violation.

CDL drivers clearly understand that their livelihoods depend on maintaining an active and valid Commercial Driver’s License. Receiving traffic violations can quickly put a CDL license holder in serious jeopardy of losing their job, either because the licensing authority suspends their CDL or their insurance company refuses to insure them. Even if the alleged violation is not a moving or serious violation, if convicted, a CDL holder could face insurance rate increases, denials of coverage, suspension of their CDL or termination from employment.

With over 32 years of legal experience, the attorneys and staff of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. have a well-earned reputation for integrity, honesty and client satisfaction. The majority of our traffic ticket practice is devoted to representing CDL drivers, not only who reside in Texas and hold Texas commercial driver’s licenses, but all commercial drivers, no matter where they live or from which state they hold a commercial driver’s license. Our attorneys are licensed to represent CDL holders accused of all types of traffic violations in every court in the State of Texas. Our CDL ticket practice extends throughout the State of Texas, with cases pending in courts ranging up to several hundred miles from our office.

With the multitude of legal hurdles faced by CDL drivers, obtaining a good court result on a traffic violation would seem impossible. But it is not. There are options. Our experience and knowledge of the law puts us in a strategically advantageous position to achieve our goal with your case; Dismissal or no effect on your CDL record! If necessary, we will take your case to trial. Additionally, if you are ultimately convicted of a serious violation, we may be able to appeal your conviction. We’ve handled tens of thousands of CDL traffic citations; the majority of which resulted in dismissals and/or no adverse effect to our clients’ CDL driving records. Some dismissals occur in the municipal or justice of the peace court, while others occur in the county court after appeal. No matter what it takes, the attorneys with the law office of Todd E. Tkach will carefully navigate the legal minefield to get you the best result

CDL Revocation, Suspension or Disqualification

In addition to defending you for your CDL violations, we can also defend your CDL itself in any revocation, suspension or disqualification action almost anywhere in the State of Texas. For further information, see the pages linked below.

For information about defending your CDL Violations, also see Our CDL Violations Practice.

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CDL Drivers: Don’t Let Them Take Away Your Livelihood!


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