Dallas Trucker: Don’t Let a CDL Revocation Take Away Your Livelihood

Are you a Dallas trucker who is concerned about a CDL revocation? Are you at risk for possibly losing your CDL and your livelihood? Have you received a letter from the TxDPS about a hearing?

If so, don't wait to contact us; we can help you but there is only limited time in which to act.

Day in and day out, CDL drivers transport the goods society needs for daily living. Metaphorically speaking, they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. And if you’re a CDL driver in Texas, the pay is far better than in most states. The average salary for a CDL driver in the Lone Star State is about $80K, according to data from Indeed.com. That’s 34 percent higher than the national average of $59K. So, with a salary like that, the last thing in the world you need is a threat to your livelihood, such as a CDL revocation or suspension. Without a CDL, you cannot drive for a living.

CDL Revocations

For a Dallas trucker, a CDL revocation of a driver license means that driving privileges are withdrawn by TxDPS, subject to possible reinstatement if the driver license holder “cures” the problem that caused the revocation. A common CDL revocation is due to having an expired medical certificate. A CDL cannot be maintained without a current medical certificate. If a CDL driver does not possess a current medical certificate, TxDPS will revoke their driving privileges. However, the revocation can be “cured” by providing a current medical certificate to TxDPS. For a complete list of revocable violations, see the link below.

Causes of CDL Revocations, Suspensions and Disqualifications

But even if you did exactly what you’re accused of, you can still fight your CDL revocation in court … and you can win! Don’t sit back and do nothing; take positive action. Your first order of business should be to hire an experienced CDL traffic ticket attorney who can successfully defend you against the State’s effort to take your CDL.

If you have received a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) saying that your CDL will be suspended or revoked, you only have 20 days from the date of the letter to request a hearing to stop the action. Failure to timely request a hearing will result in a CDL revocation or suspension of your driver's license.

Hire the Law Office of Todd E. Tkach, P.C. to protect the CDLs of Dallas truckers and their livelihood. Our attorneys are licensed to represent CDL holders accused of all types of traffic violations and driver license suspension hearings in every court in the State of Texas. We’ve handled dozens of CDL driver license suspension hearings, the majority of which resulted in NO suspension or CDL revocation. Call us now! We can effectively fight for dismissal at your suspension hearing.

What is the procedure for the Texas Department of Public Safety to Revoke, Suspend or Disqualify a CDL for a Dallas trucker?

All Texas driver licenses are issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (“TxDPS”). This government agency has the power to authorize and issue all driver licenses, including CDL’s. Conversely, TxDPS also the power to take away driving privileges, including revoking, suspending or disqualifying all Texas driver licenses and to prohibit anyone from driving in Texas, even those who don’t have a Texas driver's license.

Dangerous Myths About CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications That Could Cost you your CDL

All TxDPS actions to remove your driving privileges begin with reports to TxDPS that you have committed certain violations, that, if true, are cause for a loss of driving privileges. Upon receiving such information, TxDPS, must, by law, mail you a letter notifying you of their action. The letter is mailed to the last address that it has on file for you. From the date of the letter, you have 20 days within which to request a hearing of the matter. Failure to request a hearing within 20 days from the date of that notice letter will result in a revocation, suspension or disqualification of your CDL.

If you receive a notice letter from TxDPS, call us immediately! We will take care of everything from beginning to end. First, we will immediately request a hearing with TxDPS through its’ online hearing request portal. This accomplishes 2 things: i) makes the request timely (within 20 days), and ii) sends the request through a verifiable medium so that there’s no question about whether TxDPS received the request.

The next step is for us to examine the facts, evidence and the applicable law of your case, paying special attention to the procedural laws, substantive laws and all applicable common laws. Prior to the hearing, TxDPS will send to us the evidence it has against you. Once we receive the evidence, we review it to determine any legal or factual defenses and will likely call you to discuss it.

Next, we will attend your hearing. TxDPS will send us a notice of the date, time and location of your hearing. By law, the hearing must be scheduled in the county of residence of the driver license holder, in one of the Justice of the Peace courts. At the hearing, we will advance our proven winning strategies to argue the facts, the law and the evidence on your behalf. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge will make a decision about the case. Specifically, the judge will issue an “Affirmative Finding,” or a “Negative Finding.” With a Negative Finding, you win, your driving privileges remain intact, and you may continue driving for pay. With an Affirmative Finding, your driving privileges will be revoked, suspended or disqualified. Although, with a suspension, but not a revocation or disqualification, the judge may probate the sentence, which allows you to retain your driving privileges during the period of suspension. This is discussed in greater detail below.

At the conclusion of the hearing, we will notify you of the result and instruct you on anything that needs to be done. In the case of an Affirmative Finding that is not probated, any revocation, suspension or disqualification begins on the 11th day after the judgment from the Court. An Affirmative Finding can be appealed, but in most cases is not worth pursuing. We can evaluate your case for appeal on a case by case basis.

Even if you did exactly what TxDPS claims that you did to justify the loss of your driving privileges, we may still get a favorable result at the hearing. Remember, TxDPS has the burden of proof. If they can’t prove the charges against you, they fail, and you retain your driving privileges. That’s why we attack every aspect of the case, including procedurally, substantively, evidentiary and with all possible common law defenses. Our record of success is fantastic! On many occasions, we stopped the loss of driving privileges, even when our clients did exactly what TxDPS accused them of doing.

What is the difference between a revocation, a suspension and a disqualification?

The CDLs of Dallas truckers can be subjected to revocations, suspensions and/or disqualifications. The difference is that commercial drivers can be disqualified for violations of “CDL disqualification statutes,” but can also be revoked and suspended for violations that would cause revocation or suspension of a non-CDL holder.

The Differences Between CDL Revocations, Suspensions and Disqualifications

Why you should fight TxDPS’ actions to revoke, suspend or disqualify your CDL?

There are dozens of potential violations or combinations of violations that could result in a revocation, suspension or disqualification of a Texas CDL. The time periods for loss of driving privileges can range from 30-days to Lifetime. For a complete list of violations that can cause a loss of driving privileges and the possible time periods of suspensions or disqualifications, see the link below

Causes of CDL Revocations, Suspensions and Disqualifications

It’s also important to understand that TxDPS can seek a revocation, suspension or disqualification for these violations, even if they occurred out of state, or while driving non-commercial vehicles. Additionally, there are no “harmless” traffic citations for CDL holders. While it is true that there are some single traffic violations, the conviction of which can cause the loss of driving privileges, there are others that, if taken in combination, can have the same result. For example, convictions of 4 non-moving violations in 12 months can cause a suspension. So, the bottom line is: Fight all traffic tickets!

Just because TxDPS tries to take away your driving privileges, does not mean that they will win. With many of our cases, we achieved a Negative Finding from the court, thereby preserving our clients’ CDL’s, even when our clients did exactly what TxDPS accused them of doing. Additionally, if you timely request a hearing, the TxDPS action against you is “stayed” until a final ruling by the judge. So, you can continue to drive commercially while the court proceeding against you is still pending, but only if you timely request a hearing.

Regardless of the violation or combination of violations involved, the attorneys with Todd E. Tkach, P.C. will carefully analyze your case, apply the relevant procedural and substantive laws to the specific facts of your case and develop a winning strategy. Our goal is to preserve your driving privileges so that you can continue commercial driving.

If my CDL is revoked, suspended or disqualified, can I still continue to drive?

Even if your CDL is suspended, or disqualified, it is possible to continue driving, legally! It’s called an Occupational Driver License, which allows you to continue to legally drive if you have an “essential need.” The time periods and places you can drive are restricted, but it gets you back on the road. However, an Occupational Driver License does NOT allow you to drive commercially. The purpose is to allow you to drive legally for “household” purposes. Additionally, you cannot get an Occupational Driver License if your license is “revoked.” The only way to regain driving privileges from a revocation is to cure the reason for the revocation. Obtaining an Occupational Driver License is a separate legal proceeding, which can be tricky to obtain. Call us if you need an Occupational Driver License.

Don’t forget – time is of the essence! If you receive a revocation, suspension or disqualification notice letter from TxDPS, call us immediately to talk with one of our attorneys.


Don't try and fight your CDL violation alone!

It can cost you extra money, will take you off the road and result in a conviction on your record. Get the help of an experience CDL attorney.

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